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Drawings and site plans May 5, 2013



Site Plan Drawings

Eagle Lake, Ontario – May 6 – 2013

Lou Fenninger is in the process of getting building approvals for the new home and once that’s completed the foundation process will begin.

In this post we include three drawings that will give you a general idea about the general design and layout.

Note that a large part of the design includes the outer glassed in area which is integral to the net zero design.

Rammed earth (noted in the drawings) is a method of building that is on the leading edge of this technology. Ironic because rammed earth technology is a traditional concept adapted more and more for today’s net zero design parameters.

For your information we include an informative video that details the premise of rammed earth.

Stay tuned for further updates. (TG)

C:UsersmmcteagueDocumentsMcTeague Drafting and DesignLou Fe

C:UsersmmcteagueDocumentsMcTeague Drafting and DesignLou Fe

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