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Sticks and Stones Video presents Zero Net design! July 30, 2013


A great new video from our Vimeo Page at Sticks and Stones

Video presented by Sticks n’ Stones – Videographer – Midori

NetZero July 30,2013 from Sticks and Stones Productions on Vimeo.

In this video we watch Master Timber Framer Eric fashioning timbers for addition to the project home.

With some pretty deft skills Eric describes how he scrapes logs with a chainsaw. All of the work being done by Eric incorporates his 35 years of experience in the timber framing industry.

We also get to watch CEO Lou Fenninger step out dimensions as he explains how the foundation was prepared and measured.

Lou also describes with interesting depth exactly how the net zero home will store heat through the foundational assets. The assets are built into the construction details utilizing some old and some new techniques.

Please watch the video to get the scoop on these assets from Lou.

This is a video from our archives just received from Sticks n’ Stones Video on Vimeo.

We thank Midori for her continued efforts in the filming of this project.


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