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NetZeroBuild update – Lou’s video from August 27, 2013


Lou’s short video sums up the progress since our last visit

August 27, 2013

Lou Fenninger – Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada

The site is looking a little different, but only marginally.

Lou Fenninger. CEO. "Let's finish this thing before ski season!" says Lou.

Lou Fenninger. CEO. “Let’s finish this thing before ski season!” says Lou.

The real changes start occurring when the timbers start to go up. Lou and Eric will be overseeing that part of the build.

We don’t have an ETC (Estimated Time of Completion) just yet.

But we know that Lou and Marianne start to get a little nervous when the weather turns and the snow is nigh. Also. It’s not pleasant working with numb hands in this part of the country.

We’ll try to pin Lou down about a possible timetable in the next video.

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