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The big timber on Go-Pro – Fantastic footage


Watch this incredible view of a zero net building project

Posted by Net Zero

60 Minutes recently featured a segment on a nifty little camera called Go-Pro.

Why? Because it’s the story of one guy with an idea culled from his everyday life. He wanted to film stuff as it happened.

And right now? It’s the hottest little camera around. You’ll see it at ski hills, moto-=cross tracks and at thousands of X-Games competitions.

But you’ll also see your neighbour’s kids tooling around on their bikes with a Go-Pro attached to their helmet.

Well, last week Lou Fenninger and our intrepid videographer, Midori decided to bring a whole new perspective to the Go-Pro.

They attached the Go-Pro to the base of the crane and filmed the delicate and nuanced placement of the big timber onto the  beams of the Net Zero Build home.

What you see here in this video is quite dramatic.

So watch and enjoy!

Tgav- @HighlanderToday

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